hand-painted antique european wood clogs

A Brief History of European Clogs

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Kurier clogs are inspired by the original clogs you may see hanging on the walls in homes or shops all over Europe. These historic wooden clogs originate from the Netherlands where farm and factory workers wore all-over wooden clogs, commonly called Klompen, during the Industrial Revolution. They were initially made with a leather top like modern-day footwear, but were eventually made completely out of wood for better protection and support. 

Klompen clogs were often stuffed with hay to keep feet warm, but there was no added sole to absorb shock. I’m sure you can imagine the sound of wooden shoes over cobblestone – echoey wooden shoes were loud enough to inspire clog dancing. Eventually, "clogging" and clog shoes became more fashionable in Europe and the US. history evolution of european style handmade clogs

Our contemporary clogs borrow inspiration from these traditional wooden clogs, now made much more comfortable and for everyday wear. Kurier clog styles are made with a leather or suede top, and an added rubber sole to absorb shock. We have a range of leather styles and high or low base clogs. 

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