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Kurier Handmade Leathergoods

Beautifully Crafted.
Thoughtfully Constructed.

Welcome to Kurier Handmade Leather, where craftsmanship meets thoughtful design. Every piece is a testament to the dedication of our designer, Jasmine Clayton, who meticulously cut and sews each item by hand in the heart of Maine.

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Our creations are more than leather goods; they are a blend of artistry and functionality. Handmade from the finest Italian and American leathers, and constructed with industrial strength thread, these items are crafted to be part of your everyday journey. Premium antique brass and steel hardware add a touch of elegance to our creations, making them companions that go everywhere you do.

We embrace the inherent variations in leather and wood, recognizing that these natural materials contribute to the uniqueness of each piece. Every item is made one-by-one, ensuring that it is as distinctive as the individual who wears it.

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At Kurier, we are a small and resourceful team committed to providing exceptional products. Whether an item is in stock or needs to be crafted, your order is fulfilled within 2-3 weeks from the date of placement. We value communication and will keep you informed about the status of your order, ensuring a seamless experience.

Discover the beauty of craftsmanship and the thoughtfulness woven into each creation at Kurier Handmade Leather. Your journey deserves companions as unique as you are.