Classic Camp Mug

$ 26

Crisp cold air, an oversized sweater and hands wrapped around hot cup of coffee overlooking the sun rising between the trees. Keep your drinks hot and your hands warm with this handmade leather wrapped camp mug. The small handle is great for clipping to your belt or sack, and the industrial snaps allow for easy removal and cleaning. Ships ready to use, including a 16oz canning jar and lid. 

Want a customized batch for your group or shop? Reach out!


How do I know what size I wear?

Sizing can be tricky. The good thing is, once you know your Kurier size - you can safely navigate through the options knowing the shoe should fit from style to style. We made this handy sizing chart to help:

Between sizes? We recommend sizing DOWN in our low bases and UP in our high bases.

How should I care for my clogs?

Each pair of clogs will wear differently depending on the wearer. We recommend treating them with care - they are made from natural materials and will scratch, chip, and/or scuff. We do not consider these defects in the craftsmanship. An occasional mild cleaning and waxing will help to protect your shoes. We recommend Smith’s Leather Balm. It is a great product for both the leather uppers and wooden bases - plus, it is made right here in Maine! But as with any leather conditioner, it might change the “look” of your shoes so test it on a small, hidden area to be safe. 

What are the differences in the base heights?

Currently we offer two bases - a “low base” and a “high base”. The low base tends to run on the wider side and is typically more comfortable for all day wear. The high base tends to be slightly more narrow, and is a good fit for those who would like to add a little more height - but still have a comfortable shoe.

Where do you get your materials?

We have searched high and low (it took YEARS!) to find the perfect wooden bases. Made from European hardwood, our bases are shipped directly from Sweden. We figured to be the best, we needed to use the best! 

Our leather is sourced from the last remaining tannery in Maine. The quality just can’t be beat - and we love that it is made right here in our wonderful state!

My clogs chipped - can I return them?

Unfortunately, no. As they say in the clog world: “chips happen”. This is considered normal “wear and tear” and not a manufacturing defect. But the good thing is - they’re usually pretty easy to repair. If you’re feeling handy, a little wood glue should do the trick. But, if you’d rather not tackle the job any cobbler should be able to easily make the repair.

The bottom sole came off - can I still wear my clogs?

NO! Please bring them to a cobbler to have a new bottom piece attached. Wearing your clogs with out the bottom sole will quickly destroy the wood, making them unable to be resoled.

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